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Chaina is the name that stands out of the others . it means majestic,mysterious,beautiful ,intelligent,glorious,loyal , active, talented,always making up plans,and a friend to y’all. Chaina also means that they would never turn their back on u chaina is the basic unite of life without Chaina those people wouldn’t have any exciting things in there life. Chaina is also someone u can’t trust someone that will love u no matter what, someone who is nice but the be fool by Chaina. As we know Chaina is one of a kind Chaina also can be petty with in betrayal .Chaina is not someone to mess with, but Chaina will always be there for if u need a shoulder to cry on count on Chaina.
I need someon to talk to like Chaina
by Dictionary of all May 02, 2018
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she is mean and will not be nice she will say that your ugly and poo on your head!! mummy dummy poop soup
OMG you are so mean chaina I HATE YOU!
by mummydummysoupbumsniff March 05, 2018
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