1.The term for having sexual intercourse with ugly girls after a night of heavy drinking. - Also refered to as 'Pulling a chadders'

2. Consuming large amounts of food in as little time as possible

3. A disgusting creature.
Steve: I had sex with that girl Mandy last night!

John: She was fucking ugly! You pulled a chadders!

Steve: I drank alot.

Mark: I eat 23 cheeseburgers and chips in 6 minutes

Felix: What a chadwick.

Group: You are such a chadwick.
by Man-Iron. October 20, 2011
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chadwicks are short and have small dicks, they smell bad and think they are the shit but end up getting drunk of their ass and getting caught by popo
by gremlinemu April 29, 2010
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1. one who spends all of his money at the strip club.
2. one who loans his car to a stripper and babysits her kid for no charge.
3. one who marries a crazy ass bitch because he thinks shes carrying his fetus.
4. one who drives a busted ass cavalier with no front bumper.
5. one who leaves the family's dead dog on the front porch for a period of no less than 3 weeks.
6. one whose wife paints crazy X's and shit in the living room.
7. one who chokes his/her spouse without remorse.
8. one who gets a DUI
9. one who is a native of detroit.
8 MILE!!!!!!!!!
After Chadwick got his car back, and returned to the cum guzzlin' gutter slut's kid to her, he left the strip club broke as a joke, and returned home to choke his crazy ass wife and stick her in the trunk, but then got a DUI.
by SCROTUMUS MAXIMUS February 19, 2006
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A big, burly man who likes to hookah and molest young children. His motivation in life is to drink beer and jello wrestle.
by ThattGuy June 02, 2009
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