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a ficticious character to do with the used, chadam existed during in love and death and will exist during and after lies for the liars.
Lucy: Dude, Chadam freakin rules!
David: Who's Chadam?
Lucy: Oh, just go on
by Kalliope June 04, 2007
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A word that means everything yet nothing at the same time
by hoysoyboy March 22, 2019
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a beautiful, brilliant, strong, sensitive creature who loves to be around people. On the other hand she also loves to be alone. Chadam can be used as a metrosexual name. Chadams are very unusual and outgoing too. Chadams come in a small pact.
Person A: Im so glad Chadam was there for me when I needed him/her. Chadam is a great friend.

Person B: Chadam is someone I can always tell things too. She/he gives the best advice and is such a strong person.
Chadam is an inspiration.
by amystery.. November 30, 2011
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