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1. A choclatey tasty mexican dessert, that is made from a chocolate taco shell filled with ice cream covered in a choclate coating made by klondike

2. A girl who is half swiss half spanish
1. I will have one chaco taco to enjoy on this hot afternoon.

2. Ohh you are from Switzerland and Spain, so you are a chaco taco.
by prokevinmusic February 19, 2008
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To deficate in a vagina during sex. The deficater then can spread the "chocolate" or eat it.
Can I give you a Chaco Taco?
by Moskey March 28, 2007
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A tan, lighter skinned or dark brown skinned person, with African-American features and Latino roots, although they appear to be African-American, when pressed these folks quickly (and Loudly) disclaim they are Dominican, Puerto Rican, Afro Cuban, or some other cross cultural heritage rather than associating themselves as having anything to with being classified as Black people. In their eyes these folks are anything except BLACK.
Rosario Dawson, Sammy Sosa, Pele are contemporary examples of ChacoTacos.
by King Daddy February 01, 2008
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When a guy shits in a girls cooter and then either screws her or eats her out.
jonny rocket gave mrs. frigon the chaco taco.
by Mr. chaco November 15, 2007
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Someone who is of both African and Mexican descent.
Tyrone Martinez, a chaco taco, is a local sports legend in both soccer and basketball.
by SpongeKnob July 24, 2016
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