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Couldn't Give A Shit
When you can't be bothered or don't care about something or someone.
<i>What do you think about Bush retaining power?
- CGAS, there's more important things in the world like beer and curry.</i>
by Mr Frosty December 07, 2005
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Cute Guy Alert or Cute Girl Alert
-Can also refer to someone you know who fits the above connotation.
check out that chick in the produce aisle, she's such a CGA.

That Tanya Ostermayer is such a CGA
by R.C. Young February 02, 2008
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Stands for Cash, Grass, or Ass; options for payment
You can use my car, but you got to pay C.G.A.
by VHotDog December 25, 2017
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