A town in eastern Indiana where many disturbed and unique people reside.
Look at those weirdos. They must be from Centerville.
by Daixi February 16, 2005
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A suburb of Dayton, Ohio with an unusually high concentration of bros. While the population is large, you cannot go anywhere without running into people you've known since middle school. Entertainment includes Bill's Donuts, 24 hour Starbucks, and chilling at one of the many parks until the police kick you out. Everything in the Ville is artificial, but if you don't mind that it's a nice, safe suburb with a wonderful school system. As lame as Centerville seems at times, it churns out some of the coolest people you will ever meet.
Paul: Where you headed tonight?
Jack: Centerville, Ohio...
Paul: Oh...lame...
Jack: Yeah but all of my COOLEST FRIENDS IN THE WORLD will be there.
Paul: I wanna come!
by ohioaddiction June 18, 2011
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Some little town in Iowa. The high school has something like five hundred people; most of them are rednecks, fake skaters, and scene brats that would shit their pants in terror if they were ever in a real mosh pit. There are five people in the entire school that know what emo actually is. The rest of them are morons. Most of the wannabe hXc kids are in shitty metalcore bands.
Centerville High School (in Centerville Iowa) might suck, but at least we're not skanky Moravia girls or dirty Seymour boys. We don't even talk about Moulton.
by hbhlblhlblhlbb October 28, 2008
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A nice city in southwest ohio with nice parks but the people are complete snobby asswipes.
Janet: I think im gonna date John.
Dirk: I heard he's from Centerville, Ohio.
Janet: Never mind..
by le'owned December 13, 2011
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Small town in southern Iowa, a town where people run around screaming, “Southern Iowa White Trash Mafia.” The girls from centerville have been passed around more than Chlamydia has in Moulton, Iowa. The boys from centerville are all 5’2 with small pee pees. Thots from centerville seem to think they’re a 10 when they’re a 2. Walking down the street you can smell Breanna heart from Walmart to albia and don’t be surprised if a meth cloud gets blown in your face when you’re trying to study at the local trap house. There’s always some fuckery going on in town. Centerville is a town where your boyfriend will turn gay on you, and start taking dick up his ass. Then people will make fun of you for being with him. So if you’re fucking with a person from centerville, make sure to keep it on the downlow incase they take it in the but hole
Him: “You’re kinda cute”
Her: “thank you”
Him: “where are you from”
Her::“centerville Iowa, wbu?”
Him: *Blocked*
by Mpaige641 December 8, 2021
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Where normis and shit heads kick off their boots and relax while the women are of gobbling dicks, dont forget about the meth problem;)
Centerville Iowa is SHIT
by Cpt. Dickram July 25, 2017
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The revolutionary high school marching band from Centerville, Ohio, started in 1984 by Wayne Markworth. Also known as the CJB, by members and friends, the name is consistantly butchered by announcers at various competions. CJB is the best band in Ohio, and generally has spectacular crowd appeal, shows are created to entertain the audience. Consistently wins local competitions and places in BOA functions... Trained vigorously and constantly from June through November and charged with keeping a professional reputation. Also known for the infamous shout chorus. Overall, the best band program in the nation.
Did you see the Centerville show?

announcer: And now, in competion, The Centerville Marching Elks!

band member: Its the Centerville JAZZ BAND, you twit!
by CJBclarinet'12 December 21, 2009
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