The process or occurrence of non-verbally punctuating a conversation through use of a cell phone.
Cell phone punctuation can occur in many different ways. One example is when you want to get out of an awkward or undesirable conversation, you simply pull out your cell phone and start texting or doing any other miscellaneous thing. This gives the other party the clue that the conversation is over.
by profBH January 22, 2011
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When a sexual partner goes rooting around through your phone looking for shit to get pissed off at you about.

Be it contact with a friend they don't like or a past encounter your trying to catch up with.
Maggie: Why's Georgio pissed at you?
Susan: I left my phone at his place.
Maggie: Did that dumb ass go cell phone rummaging again?
Susan: Yes! and I was talking with my ex Troy about completely innocent things.
by ballsinthewind June 21, 2010
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1) When your phone's autocorrect absolutely savages you.

2) When you are texting in bed and accidently drop your cellphone on your face.
"Yo, I want some dick

Some duck* ... Shit"

"Lmao, cell phone self own"
by F41R September 02, 2021
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The act of placing your smartphone next to your plate at dinnertime, whether actually texting someone or not, with the intention to brag about your smartphone, or because you feel the need to check the time every 3 minutes. Usually this is done by people of 16-25 years of age.
As if they had all previously agreed they'd do it, everyone at the table pulled out their Iphone 27s' and Droid R2-D2s, waved them around to let everyone know they had them, and set them down at the table to use for Cell Phone Silverware. The two crack heads in the corner were the only one's using them, and were checking the time every minute.
by TheunknownXD April 03, 2013
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Person who, typically while driving, calls 911 for someone minding their own business on the side of the road typically asleep. See also cell phone hero.
"Hi did you call 911." "What?! Man I was just asleep." "God damn cell phone warrior!"
by Walker00791 August 14, 2017
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Distractedly weaving all over da road due to taking a call while driving.
I don't even own a mobile phone, but I hear dat a lot of people get charged with unsafely using said devices while operating motor vehicles --- said misbehavers have "answerving your cell phone" written in da "describe infraction" line on their driving-violation tickets.
by QuacksO February 15, 2020
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