When used in the context of Geometry Dash, this abbreviation can stand for Cosmic Cyclone, ChrisCredible, Creator Contest, or Cataclysm.
1. CC is overrated and unneeded.

2. CC Challenges is the best GD video series!
3. My entry for the ViPriN CC9 wasn't even close to 1st place.
4. CC used to be the hardest levels ever.
by catdef February 10, 2019
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A common abbreviation of "carbon copy".

A carbon copy, in email terms, is sending an exact copy of an email (hence "carbon copy") to another person besides the main recipient(s). It differs from simply forwarding or putting another person in the "to" section in that it indicates they are simply passive readers, and not the main subjects intended to respond.

The term stems from when a sheet of carbon was placed between a document and a blank piece of paper. A pen or pencil was pressed down on the fresh sheet of paper to make an exact copy of the original piece of writing. Now it is simply used metaphorically.
I CC'd my mother on the business document.

Hey Bill, make sure to CC July on the schedule update.

I'll CC you the email for future reference.
by DisgustingWeebs February 11, 2017
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that dome ass kid that thikes shess so nice she thakes your the jurk but you know she is
that bich cc
by drrtrrrrrr February 06, 2020
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~ “aye meet me at da cc
~ “who all going to da cc?”
~ “the cc was bangin today’s”
~ “cc the move
by Jellywhoo August 08, 2019
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On Instagram, the term ‘cc’ means colouring credit. This terms is commonly used among video editors who might use somebody’s ‘colouring’.
Look at this edit I made guys! It took me so long. :(

ac: @koolkidsaudios
cc: @klaroven
by Klaroven April 22, 2018
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