by far the coolest kid around. Has great talent in all he does, especially ssbm.
Damn! i wish i was more like cbass
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
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Cbass, an extremely cheap-ass ssbm, who predictably plays as ONE character. Incredibly gay and incredibly funny. His driving skills are second to none. Can also refer to someone's actions.
Going through a red light, trash talking as you lose in a game, and quick trips to McDonald's.
by la Morsa December 11, 2003
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You take this drug through your anus. Then after fifteen minutes you will see your lord and savior in a fish bowl swimming around. Then you will come down with the worst Cluster Headaches. Then commit suicide. This all happens within fifteen minutes of using this drug.
Dude I took some Cbass now I'm tripping fucking bawls. Dude I took some Cbass and i was gone bro.
by hireach May 06, 2013
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