cba in the new generation stands for the well known phrase ‘can’t be asked‘. This is a newer phrase that generation z has began using in oppose to ‘can’t be arsed’ as it is seen as rude and not very appropriate. Cba meaning you cannot ask this person to do anything, as they will refuse.
for example:

parent- ‘do you want to come with me to do some shopping?’
child- ‘nah i cba’
parent- ‘i beg your pardon
child- ‘you can’t even ask me, that’s how not bothered i am, i can’t be asked’.
by urmarje April 08, 2020
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It is a synonym for the already existing term Can't be arsed that means unwillingness, lack of motivation to perform a task or not feel enthusiasm anymore about something. People around america use this definition, as they don't hear the word arse too often.

A: Hey man! Want to go exercise on the park?
B: No mate, I can't be annoyed (cba) to do that.

Example 2:
A: Yo, I heard you quit playing that game.
B: Yeah, I can't be annoyed (cba) about it anymore.
by EfkinJoleon June 19, 2020
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(Can’t be Arsed) Cba- A word used in slang Of how someone acts. someone who acts like it. Ellie Taylor
by RIYAAD_13 March 21, 2018
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Chief Bad Ass, title reserved for those primarily in charge of badassery. Also included is GSD (Getting Shit Done) and general dankery.
Whoa, I heard that guy is CBA of Generico. Stay outta his way...
Other guy: Sooooo... badass.
by SamParadis July 10, 2017
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A exam for 2nd and third year students which creates great stress especially during a pandemic.
Person 1: Why are you so stressed
Person 2: I’m doing my CBA’s

Person 1: Oh you poor thing!!
by Someone from the world..... January 23, 2021
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