An incompetent professional like a doctor or lawyer; a moronic person generally.
These cayoodles have no idea what they are doing (in reference to one's team of lawyers).

Hey, get a load of these fucking cayoodles (in reference to someone doing something generally stupid on the side of the road).
by joelpupuffnik September 25, 2015
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Kī-ōōdl N. Origin Louisiana- As a mutt is the offspring of two mixed breed dogs, a cayoodle is the offspring of two mutts. Often a result of the irresponsible keeping of two dogs of poor genetic diversity resulting in a litter of horribly mutated little monsters of no distinct origin.
"What the hell is that thing? Is that a third ear?"

"Dats jus Boudreaux's cayoodle."
by Catahoulahowl March 17, 2019
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