aka Cuz or Cousin. A sign of friendship among peers of the darker brothern.
What up cuz. OR What up cawl!
by D October 1, 2003
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A funny, young male.
Great sense of humour.
Has a hot girlfriend.
Loyal, Caring.

Your such a cawl!
I love how you're a cawl
by Daveeeeee October 21, 2007
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The phrase is used in reference to a person who has a vegetable shaped head, deemed displeasing to the eye. It is also used for those seen to have a bad hair style.

It derives from the use of the term “swede” – slang for head – and, as swede is one of the main ingredients of the traditional welsh broth called Cawl, the phrase became a popular put-down.

It is believed to originate from the Cefncaeau area of Llanelli in South Wales, and was commonly used among the town's young population as a derogatory term during the 1990s.
Jesus, she is ugly! Look at the swede on her... that’s a fair head for cawl!

Oh my God, look at this munter over by 'yer - fair head for cawl.
by big.m.uk October 29, 2011
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