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The phrase is used in reference to a person who has a vegetable shaped head, deemed displeasing to the eye. It is also used for those seen to have a bad hair style.

It derives from the use of the term “swede” – slang for head – and, as swede is one of the main ingredients of the traditional welsh broth called Cawl, the phrase became a popular put-down.

It is believed to originate from the Cefncaeau area of Llanelli in South Wales, and was commonly used among the town's young population as a derogatory term during the 1990s.
Jesus, she is ugly! Look at the swede on her... that’s a fair head for cawl!

Oh my God, look at this munter over by 'yer - fair head for cawl.
by big.m.uk October 28, 2011

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A collective noun to describe a gathering of Azeri people. Derived from the term “gippin”.

G pronounced as in "gun".
Take a deep breath and don’t let them push in this que! Brace yourselves – here comes the gip.

I was in a bar in Baku when suddenly I was surrounded by a gip of slappers.
by big.m.uk October 29, 2011

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Fizzy Bum Gravy - A result of eating mystery dishes and strange foreign foodstuffs, or from inadvertently drinking the local water on foreign land. The next day, said concoction plays havoc with your intestines to the point that any loud noises or sudden movements will make you shit yourself. The resultant explosion from your arse sounds like the last of a washing up liquid bottle, emptying the entire contents of your bowel in 3 seconds. The by-product of this experience is known as FBG.
Oh, I can feel an FBG coming on!

Oh, I have a terrible case of the FBGs.

My guts are in turmoil; this next trip to the shitter is definitely going to be an FBG event.
by big.m.uk October 29, 2011

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