THe act of being catlike, random, or mischevious

fear my cattiness
by Luna Venestus July 27, 2008
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Cattying is when an individual starts to look over someone’s shoulder or discreetly starts to look at someone’s phone without the owner being aware.
Damn, I got exposed because Becca started cattying my phone on the train.
by hshshehhrhdhdhrhhrhdhr May 21, 2019
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A nightclub in glasgow, on union street, called the Cathouse, that caters for fans of alt-rock, punk, emo, metal, industrial and other simalar music genres. It also acts as a venue for artists within these genres and smaller local bands. It is also the only under-18 nightclub in Scotland for fans of the aforementioned styles. It is owned and operated by CPL plc.
"Hey, you comin to the catty the night, we'll get fucked up?"
"Nah man, i'm skint."
by nahnahnahnahnahnahnahnah January 30, 2008
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1) If one is being catty, they are being subtly or indirectly insulting. Different from bitchy in that bitchiness is just mean, while cattiness is often clever and witty, and isn't ALWAYS completely mean (for example, a catty joke). Both males and females can be and are catty.

2) Resembling a cat, feline.
Emily: Do you like this dress? I just bought it!

Bob: It's...interesting. Where did you buy it? I didn't know there were any thrift stores around here.

Emily: Wow, that was catty, Bob!
by UrbanVocabGuru June 17, 2011
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1. A more hip term than passive aggressive, but with the same meaning. 2. Being a bitch under the guise of not being a bitch. 3. The attitude of your mother-in-law.
Daughter-in-law: I got a ham for Easter.
Mother-in-law: Well, I'm bringing my own ham. We don't need anymore disasters.
Daughter-in-law: Wow, you are one catty bitch.


Mother-in-law: It's okay to make fun of people who aren't as high-functioning as yourself.
Daughter-in-law: By that definition, I should be okay to make fun of you.
Mother-in-law: I don't get it.
Daughter-in-law: My point exactly.

In this example Daughter-in-law is being Catty.
by HandyHandle April 04, 2018
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adj--being nasty about or to someone else, usually on petty grounds
The men in my office are way more catty than the women; they're always cutting down some other guy's taste in records or books.
by bodhibound November 02, 2007
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Catties is the slang term for blunts. Good weed often gives off the fuzzy appearance of a caterpillar and a well-packed blunt also resembles a caterpillar (as seen here 🐛). The term originated in Lancaster, PA in 2020.

Singular - Catty
Plural - Catties
I just got some cattie wraps from the gas station.

We have pre-rolled catties if you want some.

Did you fuck up another catty?
by Big Daddy Catty June 25, 2020
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