the individual who attacks the dogmatic's opinion
Dogmatic: I am drop dead sexy!
Catmatic: bitch, please, everyone knows you got plastic surgery!
by senhorknositall October 21, 2009
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just opposite of Dogmatism -"Accepting the changes without being dogmatic".
a person who adopts a positive and revolutionary changes accordingly without being stubborn or stereotyped, is supposed to follow Catmatism.
by April 1, 2010
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Describes a kid that will be perpetually 12 that thinks they can penetrate their fake girlfriend's womb as well as destroy their ovaries. May also define you kids on online games that pretend to be older and think saying they have an eleven inch penis as wide as a hand is cool.
Man that kids such a catmater.
by [John Cena] November 23, 2011
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