When you invent a whole alter ego to pretend to become romantically involved with so that an an ex or a stalker or anyone who is being generally pushy and invasive in your life will waste time investigating a non-existent person and leave you alone for a while.
I'm throwing the catfish back and inventing a fake new love interest to get my ex off my back and spin his wheels for once for a while.
by Anusian_fartre January 08, 2022
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When someone uses old pictures on dating apps and in person looks totally different, weather they gain weight or lost hair.
Jane: Hey, how was your tinder date last night?
Lilly: I was so excited until i saw him, he time catfished me, he was like 60 pounds heavier than his tinder picture.
by Tats_xx94 January 17, 2021
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When their voice doesn’t match the way they look. They can sound very attractive but can look very ugly
Susie : Hes such a voice catfish
Brittney : I knoww right how can you sound so sexy but look so ugly
by ganggsterlyfe April 28, 2020
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An Atypical Catfish variety in which the catfisher is playing with the target as themself, but done with malice or as a gold digger
Dude that chick is so hot, why does she go out with that dude?
That's because she's a Walking Catfish!
by cggccggccggc May 28, 2018
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When some one tries to use and/or catfish you and you turn out prettier and better than they thought you were and they end up looking stupid in the end
He was trying to use me but I upgrade catfished his ass.
by Aunt Selma April 27, 2019
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Squirting semen onto ones upper lip and cheecks, then tearing out their pubic hair and applying it to their face. Leaving them looking somewhat like a catfish.
Ted: I told your mom to shave it up last week and she totally didn't. I had to give that bitch the catfish to teach her a lesson.

Xavier: Bitch shouldn't be testin a pimp like my nigga T dawg!
by poopboobs187 June 24, 2011
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