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(verb) to con your way into a job/role/situation like Leonardo DiCaprio's character in the movie "Catch Me If You Can"
**At the grocery store, Max is comparing prices to find the cheapest oatmeal. Tim stands by.**

Max: This is bullshit. I need a job.
Tim: I think they're hiring for cashiers here.
Max: Meh. I want a GOOD job. I'll just catch-me-if-you-can my way into being a doctor or something.
Tim: Do it.

**Four months later, "Dr. Max" is arrested and charged for manslaughter, but is set free by "Warden Tim" who catch-me-if-you-canned his way into an interesting new career.**
by Maxwell Dope November 18, 2013
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a nicer way of telling someone, " stop being a stupid porchdog and at least try to give me a decent counter argument"
When you say catch me if you can to someone, you can't be considered a pundit because you know that the person you are talking to is indeed capable of having a coherent argument with you and is being lazy.
by sexydimma February 17, 2018
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