verb - To say, text, or post something random and non-sequitur while in the middle of a conversation. Cat giffing is most anger inducing when after a question or series of questions, effectively derailing the conversation.
Do you want me to drive or do you want to drive? I don't actually know where this place is. Do you?
*sends funny yet unrelated Youtube video*
Are you cat giffing me right now?!
by MJAB November 12, 2013
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Slang:gif- I want to massage and/or sleep with you.

Syn: 'netflix and chill'
Popularly used on Facebook messenger as a booty call. Much like the aubergine emoji has become to mean 'penis' the cat kneading dough gif has become the gif form of 'netflix and chill'.
by Chrysippus103 July 12, 2017
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