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If you don't handle hot (NOT SPICY, the temperature) food or drink well, and you have to let it cool before you try it.

It came from a literal translation of the Japanese word 'Nekojita' (猫舌), which is used to describe someone who can't handle (piping) hot food or drink.
"Is there something wrong with your soup? Do you want something else?"
"Oh no I haven't tried it yet, I'm letting it cool first."
"Oh, so you have a cat's tongue, got it."
by BYOOP May 28, 2017
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It refers directly to the texture of genital herpes. But it is more commonly used as just the alternative for the words: genital herpes, or more generically, for just herpes.

As known as having kitty lips. Which is a direct reference to a woman having herpes in the genital area.
"Dude check out the girl over there"

-"Yeah, she's hot, too bad shes got the cats tongue."


-"Yeah dude, kitty lips."

"Ugh, my luck."

-- cats tongue
by PACBROWN November 02, 2010
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