1) A foolish notion of mixing a domestic feline with water.

2) The masochistic activity of trying to eat a running chain-saw bar first.

3) Any activity, which in concept being a simple action, that inevitability leads to disastrous results.
Dating a <insert favorite social media website> stalker leads to a cat bath of a date.
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by island thinker October 22, 2020
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To lick a female from her vagina to ass in a cat like motion.
Randy dean did a hell of a cat bath on the white unicorn.
by Randy dean June 10, 2015
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As I understand the term, a cat bath is pretty much synonymous with a whorebath. In that it basically involves a washcloth, soap, and a sink. Also, I believe it may be British slang.
"Dude! My, shower head was clogged, so I had to cat bath in the sink to de-funk my willie."
by AssSpelunkingCockMaster July 19, 2018
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Cleaning oneself more thoroughly like a regular bath but outside a bathtub/shower, usually due to constrained time
I needed to be somewhere soon so I took a cat bath between the gym and then.
by Mr. Thew September 11, 2019
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