most of their fathers work at there port and nasa and have ferrari's, porsch's, corrvette's, and sti's.....mainly consists of bringing lunch to there fathers at the port while wearing a longshoremans jackert...and drriving arround a man and his girlfriend
by officer ricky5 October 5, 2009
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An overstuffed wallet, usually filled with useless expired cards, old receipts and or cash.
Jerry: Dude your sitting on a slant
Kramer: let me move my wallet
Jerry: Whoa! Thats a George Castanza
by CrooKeD08 July 11, 2008
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noun: a character from Seinfeld

verb: to regain a position by acting as if the end of it never happened
george castanza goes back to work as if he did not quit, thus regaining his job
by yoyoyoo June 2, 2007
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