One of the most traditional Mexican dishes, it's basically pieces of pork shoulder fried in a mixture of lard and Mexican Coca-Cola, and mixed w/ orange juice, lime peels, onions, and bay leaves. The meat is crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside. It is usually served w/ yellow rice, refried black beans, corn tortillas, and pickled onions, and a salsa verde is served on the side as well.
Today I went to the taqueria for lunch and had some carnitas. They were really delicious.
by Lazy Gringo January 15, 2011
Beautiful and loving. Sometimes Carnita is stubborn and believes in her own ways and not others but means no harm, only love and believes her ways strongly. Carnita graces everyone she is around with her beauty and Intelligence. She needs to be loved strongly and she will serve you for life.
Guy: this girl I didn't know started talking to me and told me everything will be just fine

Guys Friend: oh wow you probably met Carnita
by JayTay00 November 23, 2021
We were at the carnival the other day and all of the rides were ran by carnitas.
by ScottB1 May 21, 2009
The mexican mans private parts such as meat in English instead carnitas in Spanish
Just let me finish beating my carnitas my girl didn't finish the job
by Gtg6ix9ine March 30, 2018
Combining the classic American tortilla chip and jerkyed meat to make one delicious and complete meal.
Want to come over to my dorm tonight? We're having Doritos Carnitas.
by eggmeat June 6, 2006