A cheap kind of wine coming in several varieties, costs about $10 for a 3 liter jug.
Yo you feel like wine tonight? Let us split a jug of Carlo Rossi friend, how bout paisano flavor, or would you rather have burgundy? We shall get fucked up on this night.
by DD February 23, 2005
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A very inexpensive wine sold in three flavors in high quantities. Mostly sold around college campuses like Western Washington University and the University of Washington.
Gets ya drunk fast for cheap.
Hey wanna get drunk this Thirsty Thursday? Lets drink some Carlo Rossi!!!
by Garrett the man February 21, 2012
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Carlo Rossi is an Italian man that enjoys taking hard earned money from parents through their children. An infamous womanizer, Carlo has fathered several illegitimate children and been a part of countless hookups, throw downs, and one night stands. He has never paid back money or time lent to or spent on him. He is essentially the most Italian man you have ever met.
Do I know Carlo Rossi? Psssshhh that motha fucka owes me 10 dollars!
by RKPB October 22, 2013
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A horrible tasting, cheap wine commonly served on ice at Italian parties. Not even good for your enemies. Commonly said by its Italian customers as "callalasi", due to their accents.
Italian aunt: "Genarro, go get me a Callalasi with lotsa lotsa ice!"
Genarro: "WTF did you just say?????"
Translator: "She wants a Carlo Rossi with much ice."
by birchofacookie October 01, 2009
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