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a bitch who laughs weird and likes to embarrrass people. not to be trusted.
omg why do you trust her? shes such a carisse
by quantumtheoryaintmine February 14, 2014
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Carisse is amazing,beautiful most trustworthy person you can meet very fun and smart

She knows how to party and have a good time

You’ll never meet anyone like a Carisse

She’s an absolute goddess

She gives the best advice

You would be absolutely lucky to have a Carisse as a girlfriend

Don’t ever loose a Carisse
Carisse is a bad bitch don’t upset her or she will put you in your place

Carisse stands up for what she believes in
A Carisse never lets down her friends

A Carisse will always be there or you through thick and thin
Omg look it’s Carisse I wish I could be her!
by wendyisnicedarling34 June 09, 2018
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A person who is super cool like so fabulously Asian and is obviously good at maths because she is Asian.
She's so smart she must be a carisse.
by Quantitative result November 07, 2013
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