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One of the few succeeding high schools in new york city with an 86 percent graduation rate. hey, you don't think that's good? go fuck yourself, we're talking about nyc public schools. it's also a very fuckin overcrowded school with around 4,600 students. in competition with bronx high school of science and stuyvesant of manhattan, but we all know dozo reigns supreme.
cardozo high school is a high school in bayside, new york.
by That other kid May 07, 2007
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1) A U.S. Supreme Court justice who sat on the bench in the 1930's. Prior to his tenure on the high court, he was on the New York Court of Appeals, where he authored many opinions that read impressively but failed to set forth any discernable principles of law.

2) A ttt law school named after said former Supreme Court justice.
Toilet paper is more useful than a Cardozo diploma, because toilet paper won't chafe when you wipe your ass with it.
by Dirty Rotten Scoundrel June 07, 2006
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