a fine female specimen found near elliptical, treadmill, stair-stepper, or other calorie burning equipment. usually finely attired in roll-up shorts, sorostitute mixer shirts, and nike shox.
Dr. Swole pwned that cardio bunny on the elliptical.
by Billy Bong Thorton September 17, 2005
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Those people(usually women) that you see in the gym every single day whose entire workout revolves around cardio exercise. You'll pretty much never see them in the free weights section or even on the nautilus machines. Their whole workout can be summed up as either a lengthy period of time on some cardio machine(like an elliptical) or they take some group cardio class. They get all sweaty and really think they're killing it in the gym, but as time goes on, you notice that their bodies look no different because they plateaued ages ago.
That girl hits the gym almost everyday and she's thin and flabby at the same time. Must be a cardio bunny.
by Nightowl358 September 30, 2015
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1. Someone you have sex with just to get your cardio workout in.

2. Must have an ass big enough to handle heavy cardio workouts.

3. Able to ride a dick well enough to create a heavy cardio workout.
Who you texting”?
- “My Cardio Bunny, I’m not running on a fucking treadmill “.
by West Coast Woodstock September 16, 2019
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