When a car has been in an accident and has caught on fire, it's a car-beque!!
Holy shit traffic was messed up this morning! There was a car-beque. I hope no one was hurt.

Wow, something smells amazing.... aw man, it's a car-beque on the 101!
by Keyframegirl September 24, 2016
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a car that is on fire.. usually a piece of shit car with white trash, Mexicans, or people of color that were driving it.
I was be gonna be goin to da national undaground railroad negro museum, but nigga my mothafuckin car blowed up and i called my nigga tyrone to call my hoes and we be haddin a carbeque instead
by cooter69 May 06, 2009
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a vehicle fire; usually caused by overheating while driving
Traffic on the north loop is slow due to a car-be-que in the right lane
by Onmyownside April 30, 2008
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