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A brighter, bouncier goth! This sub-subculture of the gothic movement will most likely enjoy most types of gothic music, but will lean more toward the electronic, VNV Nation side of things. Will usually also listen to trance and techno. A candy goth usually incorporates a bright flash of color in their black wardrobe..neon colors, whimsical fashion, hair falls. The attitude is more positive, upbeat, lovey..incorporating the PLUR of the rave scene.
I love to watch the candy goth girl as she bounces about the dance floor.
by Jenkitty April 20, 2006
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see goth, BUT add an upbeat outlook, more brightly-colored clothes (similar to candykids or cybergoths), and electronic music is preferred. Not exactly a seperate subculture, but a "happier" subgroup of gothic.
Foop: Yo man why is she wearing brightly colored clothing and listening to happy hardcore if she's a goth?
Poof: It seems they come in different flavors. That would be a candygoth.
by skudge December 26, 2007
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This is usually a goth type person, who just mixes his/her(usually her) normal black with bright colors. Like striped socks from Hot Topic or something.
person: i love that goth chicks black and lime green striped socks
other person: she's not goth, she's "candy goth"
by TangoMaureen December 17, 2005
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They are generally cute girls who wear black gloths and mix in bright neon colors along with it.They generally like the "goth" music,metal rock,and stuff like that.These people are generally people who are happy and dont feel the need to be depressed or anti-social.Generally when you picture this girl she has pigtales,a black skirt and a tanktop with neon pink socks and boots.Most people consider them posers because they are ok with being themselfs and other friends besides goths...but those are the people who are the least poserish,because they are true to themselfs and do not care what people think of them...i give you my respect !!CHANGE FOR NO ONE!!!
Wow that gothgirls socks are brighter than a ravers room!!!
Well duh, she is candy goth.
by kira sudo January 12, 2006
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Candy Goth is similar to perkygoth style, but mixed with other pastel colours rather than the traditional perkygoth pink. This is another colourful, bouncier subset of Goth - more whimsical and less futuristic than cybergoth, but the candy Goth may also enjoy electronic-based music.
Candy Goth tends to appeal to younger, predominantly female Goths, and since this style may incorporate pigtails, brightly coloured striped socks, jelly bracelets, kandi and soft toys this is quite fitting, as these kinds of accessories are widely available from stores like Claire's and Hot Topic, providing an easy, pocket-money friendly transition into Goth culture for younger darklings.
Cyber falls, pleated skirts, tutus, pastel or black fishnets, cat ears, black and pastel hair, and colourful make-up are also popular. Aficionados of candy Goth style may be attracted to other looks with a similar sweet or colourful aesthetic, for example Sweet Lolita, babydoll Goth, Graver, pastel goth and glitter Goth, and as such may also borrow from these styles.
Dude: I always thought that Goths were sad and hated light colors, is she a poser?
Me: No dude, she's a candy goth
by MissDreavus May 03, 2015
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mkay. usually, candygoths are girls. may or may not wear black/dress in a gothic manner, but it is more than likely that they are very hyper, perky, and happy most of the time. they listen to what is labeled as gothic music, but they may also listen to a variety of other things. more than likely, classic rock, ska, punk, heavy metal, new age metal, or anything of the sort.
someone whom you may know that likes cradle of filth and the beatles but doesn't wear black/dresses in a gothic manner and acts happy but is sadistic at the same time is a candygoth.
by Christmas Rose August 07, 2005
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A candy goth is a person who dresses in all black, and paints thier fingernails black, and all the gothic stuff. Yet, they are not disturbed, they are actually very happy people and like happy things. They could like happy music, like Good Charlotte and/or Simple Plan.
Lets say you see a girl walking down the street wearing all black, and has her hair died black. Then you see that she is smiling and laughing with about 3 other people who look normal. That person is a candy goth.
by Molly March 16, 2005
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