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A person who puts their own cum into candles to make them better
Jake Colman
Jake Colman is such a candle maker with amanda brown
by Anonymous May 27, 2003
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Coded expression for the Argentine word "Petera/o."
This word signifies the ability and recurrent action a woman takes of blowing a guy. It can also be denoted as somebody dumb/retarded.
El es un petera de primera.
She is a first class peter(peh-tehr)
She is a first class candlemaker.

Zoe es tan petera que ni puedo creerlo.
Zoe is such a peter(peh-tehr), I cannot bear it.
Zoe is such a candlemaker, I cannot bear it.
by O'Jet O'Deh-Loh October 06, 2010
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