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A list of people that you would have sex with if your spouse died (of cancer or some other cause). It has to be someone you actually know and have a realistic chance with, not celebrities. This is for people who'd never cheat on their spouse but still fantasize.
"That hot secretary is definitely #1 on my cancer list!"
by BigBootyBitchhhh November 02, 2011
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A List of people you plan on killing if you get some sort of inoperable cancer
Tommy: Liza Minneli, Geraldo Rivera, Donald Trump...whats this?

Lieu:Oh Billy over here went in first time ever full physical. Cameras up the ass, the whole nine yards, results come back tomorrow. He says if they find some sort of inoperable cancer he's gonna kill everyone on that cancer list.

Tommy: In this order? Come on Liza has to go first Bill hasn't she suffered enough?

Bill:shakes his head no
by TheBigMick May 02, 2011
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