A general exclamation, demonstrating mostly dismay or displeasure with a situation. See also Fuck a pig with a stick
*as your car flies off a cliff* OH BILLY!
by Mister Man the Guy September 22, 2004
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Used by Jim Carey in "The Cable Guy" but it's a spoof to the movie "Midnight Express" starring Brad Davis playing as the main character Billy Hayes in a Turkish prison.
Oh Billy!
by Sleepy1 September 27, 2019
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affectionate term used when ever... preferably screamed at the top of ones lungs. anyone named eric, is reffered to as oh billy.
*OH Billy!
- where have you been all my life
* in your bum bum.
by bogart March 9, 2005
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If you're out with your wife and you see a "hot chick" you can turn to your buddy and say "oh billy at 2 O'clock"
by schoch March 14, 2010
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asking to do suki suki with Cheerios Honey Nut or with

“Ur in the middle of eating cheerios or spaghettios“ OH BILLY
by smartism April 22, 2022
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