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when a persons jeans are too tight and the material is folded deep into the ass crack. applies to both male and female. AKA wedgy
tera: look at that camel ass!

tj: that guy will spend all night picking his wranglers out of his butt hole!
by biggiejohnson June 03, 2006
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When a girl walks pass and she has a camel toe then you see her fat ass
"Bruh you see that girl right there"


"She got that camel-ass"
-"what's that?"

"She walked pass and I saw she had a camel toe then I saw her fat ass"
by flying train March 18, 2014
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A Person you know who acts like a total dumb ass and is so immature and embarrassing when people walk by you in public places you have to tell them you don't know him and walk away from him
" I say this dude at the mall yesterday who was bein such a camel ass"

" Yo your friends are such camel asses"
by Cenathug0788 May 31, 2005
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When a female has no ass. The front resembles the back thus making it appear as if she has a huge camel toe on her backside, Camel ass
Asshole #1 Damn look at that camel toe!
Asshole #2 dude thats her ass, her Camel ass
by Versitile October 17, 2018
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