Usually a last name but this person is very outgoing, straight forward, and isn’t afraid to speak their mind. This person is athletic and loves to play soccer. This person is the most selfless person you will ever meet , they are the best listeners and best advice givers. This person always looks out for family and friends and keeps their more important people close. This person will always put her loved ones before her and has a huge heart! A caldera is a unique person , you’d be dumb to let a caldera go
Dude I wanna marry a caldera!”
by Imalwaysrightduh July 6, 2018
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used to describe a very gay person in southern California,especially in north San Diego County
Dude, stop being such an Elbert Caldera
by anonymous December 19, 2003
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one who enjoys the act of felching
Get away from me you nasty Elbert Caldera
by anonymous December 21, 2003
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The coolest summercamp ever. A bunch of ghetto kids from all over Oregon mashed together in the middle of nowhere to make art.
1. Coolest place in the world
2. "Damn, that shit like Camp Caldera!"
3. "He chill like Camp Caldera!"
by Shenanigans_Abound February 8, 2013
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