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the act of getting naked and farting on a cake. to be a true cake fart the asshole must come in contact with the frosting.
"you know what i like the most? cake farts"
direct quote from cake fart girl
"i'm going to need to get real comfortable for this"
by Adolf Rabbi September 05, 2008
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When a woman squats and breaks smelly wind all over a cake, usually for a sexual fetish, but sometimes as a Sadistic revenge at a restaurant, like in a case when a rude customer pinches her ass.
Lizz bent down and cakefarted on her slave's lunch.
by Donnald June 11, 2008
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The application of chocolate cake to one's posterior immediately prior to expulsion of a flatus or series of flatii through the anus.
Leroy: "What happened to my chocolate cake, man?"
Derek: "Patsy cake farted it all over Norah's face this morning"
Leroy: "Safe, man, safe"
by Steve06 July 31, 2008
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A website featuring a Toronto-based woman, Leah Treacy, hunched over a cake and passing gas. It was produced by her then boyfriend, Wayne Schiff, who posted it on YouTube. Within minutes, traffic overwhelmed the site as hundreds of thousands of people were attempting to trick their friends into watching a woman breaking wind over a cake.
Leah Treacy from Toronto is into Cakefarts. She actually indulged in a video showing her blasting a birthday cake with her anus.
by Adolphus Titus February 28, 2011
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When a man or woman nuzzles the entrance of there anus into a freshly cooked cake then lifts and passes wind,some people get erotic pleasure from this.

Tina's favourite thing to do is cakefarts.
by Josh Huntington September 03, 2008
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A rather disgusting website where a girl gets naked and farts with her ass buried in the cake
Wow that chicks hot to bad she had to fart in cakes on that website. ergo cake fart.
by Bleezy4sheezy July 26, 2008
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What you get when you squat in to a cake backwards like a truck bumping a dock, and lower yourself into said cake...and fart.

Side effects of cake farts are risk of giant butthole and comical sounding farts. Ask your doctor.
by RobFrunkis August 28, 2008
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