someone who is highly addicted to caffeine and will go crazy if they go several days without it. they need caffeine like a alcoholic needs alcohol
Amber's a caffeineaholic; she needs rockstars and redbull. she went for days without caffeine i thought she would go crazy
by xxprplxhipposxx July 26, 2008
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drinking a venti tons-o-caffeine at 9am, losing your mind to the point where you randomly scream and clap due to excitement about unexciting events, and then wanting to drink another one after the first one is gone.
Hillary was diagnosed as a caffeineaholic when after an extreme intake of caffeine she screamed and clapped excitedly after announcing she only got four hours of sleep and woke up not knowing where she was.
by Hillface17 March 18, 2010
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