The act of laughing loudly and being a dumbass about it. It hurts your ears and makes you curl up into the fetal position asking for your mother.
by Courtney Cser June 01, 2007
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A very loud, drawn out fart with the peculiar sound made by flatus vibrating through ass cheeks in a flapping manner.
After eating an entire bowl of baked beans, the fat man ripped a big old "cackler".
by teetiger September 01, 2008
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Similar to the "Dirty Sanchez" the cackler involves the act of anal intercourse, leading to excavation of feces via the penis, which is then applied on to the uppper lip in the form of a Hitler style mustache.
Yo dawg, ya know that bitch I fucked at the party last night?...I totally gave that skank the cackler!
by poopboobs187 June 23, 2011
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