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"Before You Follow" - used on social media, most often to make sure nazis or pedophiles don't follow you, or if you run a nsfw blog, to make sure minors don't follow you
byf please don't follow me if you are under 18
by VisualVexation April 07, 2017
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Stands for Before You Follow. Used on Tumblr by the type of people who get called "Tumblrinas" and "Special Snowflakes" unironically by even more pathetic, fedora-toting, anti-SJW types.

Usually read as"don't follow if you are a shitty person or if you disagree with me in any way or think you are the same fictional characters that i think that i am! ask to follow if you are spacegender, goblinkin, or are named Brad!"
if you dont read my byf before following you should kys okay thanks bye!
by lesinar January 05, 2017
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Brick Your Face. As in, throwing or smashing a brick into someones face.
by Hunchback September 01, 2005
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