When someone who you could give two fucks less about says bye. You reply with Bye Felicia. From the movie Friday. In the movie Felicia is a bum who asks her neighbor Craig if she can use their stuff.
The ratchet girl said bye to me so I responded with Bye Felicia.
by MaDawgTT February 6, 2015
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1. phrase
used to shoo off another person who, at that point in time, is irrelevant to you or your life, usually when someone is asking for something; derived from the movie "Friday".
Person 1: Hey man can I have some money?
Person 2: Bye Felicia
by totallynotvain298 May 12, 2015
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when some one dosnt care about a person & say "bye felicia" meaning she is a bitch/nobody
girls: Hey how are you?
girl: whatever
by daydaybro November 8, 2013
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1. To say bye in a sassy rude girly way
2. To say bye when you don't care the other person is leaving your presence
1. Did she just bye Felicia me?
2. Ugh bye Felicia!
by IzzyTheBakedPatatoPrincess February 19, 2016
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The hip way to tell someone to get lost. Comes from the movie Friday. Great movie. The main character Ice Cube says it whenever Felicia--a minor character whom he dislikes-- is finally getting the fuck out.

The thing is, only people who were maybe two years old when Friday came out use the term today and, perhaps not coincidentally, they are Hufflepuffs. They also use terms like Gucci and speak in hushed tones about Beyoncé's enlarged, pregnant uterus.
Yourself: Alright, I'm outta here.

Hufflepuff Assholes: Bye Felicia!

You: Oh, okay. Now I know for certain you don't need to be in my life.
by Kilgoretrout321 March 23, 2017
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(Verb) To denounce or dismiss someone or something in a harsh or emphatic manner when attempting to persuade them to leave.
"She was always bugging him about lending her money, but he bye-felicia'd her until she got the message."
"The lacrosse captain was such a jerk that when the freshman came up to her about the practice schedule, she bye-felicia'd him immediately."
by al-capun December 12, 2014
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The phrase 'Bye, Felicia' comes from the 1995 American crime comedy film Friday. According to Ice Cube, who starred and co-wrote the script, 'Bye, Felicia' is the phrase to get anyone out of your face. “Bye, Felicia” is a diss. The ultimate shutdown. You say it to people who annoy you, who've insulted you, who've dared to disturb your airspace with their existence.
You are soooo annoying!!!
Ugh, Bye Felicia
by Faith_with_an_attitude May 8, 2020
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