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the act of striking someone with the buttstock of a rifle, carbine, or shotgun. This is in contrast to "pistol-whip," which is the act of striking someone with a handgun, while gripping either the handgrip or the barrel/slide, but more commonly the latter.
"The brave Marine, having expended his last magazine, but lacking a bayonet, saw fit to buttstroke the charging enemy combatant."
by Jambo11 June 27, 2009
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The act of using the butt end, or stock of a rifle to strike an enemy across the face, chest, neck, or other body parts. Taught to members of the military as means of defending yourself in a hand-to-hand combat situation when all else fails, or just for the fun of it. The butt stroke is highly effective and extremely painful for the unfortunate fuck on the receiving end. The butt stroke is with a rifle what a "pistol whip" is with a handgun. The butt stroke can be properly executed with any type of firearm fitted with a shoulder stock, however, it is most effective with heavier weapons, such as an M240B of the M249 SAW. If you are properly equipped with enough muscle, a .50 Cal M2 HMG is quite the preferred tool of choice, however, due to it's weight, size, and the fact that it's normally mounted can be a challenging obstacle.
"If you don't back the fuck up I'm gonna butt stroke you into next fuckin' year!"

"John got drunk and butt stroked Amy right in the face! Oh, I hope she has medical insurance!"

"We were down to our last mag and then we got overrun, so we jumped up and butt stroked haji long and hard!"

"Welcome to Wal-Mart, how may I help you?"
"Yes sir, I'm looking for a rifle."
"Are you looking for a hunting rifle or something less powerful, for say, target shooting?"
"Oh, no sir. I need good butt-strokin' rifle."
by Long Tab September 14, 2008
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the action of hitting someone very hard in the face, gut, genitalia or other highly sensitive area (typically gender specific) with the butt of a rifle, shotgun, pistol or other firearm with a designated "butt".
"dude, the Russians abducted me and buttstroked me for hours, it hurt like hell"
by CadKel07 May 19, 2008
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1. The act of striking an opponent with the butt end (rear) of a rifle or other similar shoulder-fired weapon. Used in the absence of a bayonet or conditions that prevent its effective use. Can often be seen in FPS games as the default melee attack when using a rifle type of weapon, in the absence of a knife attack.

2. A method for clearing a firearm, specifically a stocked rifle or a shotgun, when dealing with a stuck bolt or case preventing the bolt from being effectively retracted. The charging handle is gripped firmly and the weapon is slammed down on the ground, butt-end first, to aid in either extracting the case, or releasing the casehead from the bolt face. Generally a sign of poor ammunition or weapon maintenance.
1)Oh jeez, that buttstroke knocked him out!
2)Man, we split a case on the range, had to buttstroke the damn thing to get it to clear.
by Hachiro January 08, 2019
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