A fan of the posterior, can also be written butt-lover
I am a buttlover par excellence; you can't beat a nice piece of arse.
by Edna Sweetlove October 01, 2006
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a trend spreaded out by the infamous Youtuber Markiplier for everyone to always believe in our buttocks in anyway possible, #buttlove
“#buttlove my fellow people, it is important to believe in them!”
by alyhyden June 15, 2018
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anal sex. Curiously, this seems to refer to the actor as the Penatrative party, so the example means that I am penatrative party. This is the opposite of most forms of speech concerning anal sex.
I am going to give you buttlove!
by Rela September 13, 2003
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a term of endearment first used in the movie, "The Monster Squad"
Bill: Hey Greg, will you meet me at the bowling alley?

Greg: Sure thing, Buttlove!
by Bubbe August 31, 2005
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exclamation used in Rookie of the Year roughly translated to: OUCH! Something just hit me in the face!
When I punched Joey in the nose, he screamed funky buttloving!
by Sally2000 December 11, 2006
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