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one who has never had butt sex.
After federal prison, you might not be a butt virgin anymore if bubba get a hold of you.
by BV4life January 23, 2007
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A straight man who is very highly prized in satanic gay communities in both the U.S. and especially Canada - and whose butt hymen is completely intact. If his butt hymen has not been torn yet, then HE'S GOOD TO GO FOR THE HUMAN SACRIFICE!
"I refused his offer of yet another double jaegerbomb as I had already drank ten of them. And, fearful of the way that he kept staring at me, I politely informed him that I was still a butt virgin and that I was going to stay that way!."
by bus bozo December 06, 2007
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When a girl has not yet been fucked in this ass
Hey bro my girlfriend is a butt virgin you should lick her Anal cavity
by Mr idontcare June 03, 2018
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