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a small asian man who runs around and pulls his pants down and puts his ass on things. As he does this he then proceeds to yell out the name of the object in which his butt cheeks are grazing.
"Ahh my ass un key boad"
"Ahh my ass un yo compua"
by chaouwdtieey August 15, 2003
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A closet homosexual male who had sex with females but will attempt to slip into her rectum pretending not to know he has done it.
An openly homosexual male who is always in search of an available butthole.
A pervert who loves the feel, taste and smell of a butthole.
A predator who rapes anally.
Ass fucker.
"Watch your asses boys, the butt bandit is back in town.
by jsd96321 January 18, 2012
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A person who steals cigarette butts out of public ashtrays and smokes them. They are usually very sneaky and attempt to do it when no one is watching to avoid the embarrassment of being caught doing something so profoundly disgusting. Butt bandits are usually the very poor and the underage.
I remember I left a half smoked cigarette in the ashtray outside of work on my last break and now it's gone. It must have been stolen by a butt bandit.
by 03specv December 20, 2010
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