One who often obtains sex for himself in a quick or mischievious manner.
see also "steal it"
That Nick Yurick is a sex bandit.
by Nick Yurick July 03, 2005
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One whom engages in the act of fecal-based sex without the consent of the other personage.
Cindy took a nasty dump on my chest out of nowhere, that poop sex bandit!
by chuckinator May 23, 2008
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person who fucks another person in the ass/slang term for a queer
Bob is such a butt sex bandit
by Taylor February 27, 2005
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The Butt Sex bandit, is the act of fucking an ass. Man or Female is unreliable is we see men, trannies, and females all porferming this act. But if you are the butt sex bandit you are prepared for a hard ass fuck.
Yo did you see Tyrick? That man is the Butt Sex Bandit!!!! He fucked all genders in the ass last night. What a fagget!!!
by BigDickBigAss September 06, 2018
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