A female who seems to have a very manly personality &&/or physique.

Danitza:"HAHAHA She's suchhh a butch."
by Breeface December 25, 2005
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a manly looking woman who likes woman
she is a butch
by Maurice November 15, 2003
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the more dominant or masculine one in a gay/lesbian relationship
the butch is usually the short one...
by they call me reject September 16, 2005
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The thick / gel like sweat that Gentlemen get on and around their testicles on a particularly warm day or after exercise in tight fitting attire I.E. Cycling / running.
Hey Baz, that was a great ride, but bejesus I'm drowning in Butch here
by PeeJay77 April 26, 2007
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Spontaneous haircut resulting in a very short, manish style due to indiscriminate hacking of random chunks of what were once long, beautiful, flowing locks.
It's a blistering 100 degrees outside...your long beautiful goldilocks are drenched in putrid sweat, the back of your neck itches like a mother due to that rat's nest emanating from your scalp. This the last straw, the heat is so unbearable that you are possessed by a sudden urge to chop off all that hair...off to the arber's shop, quick, quick, quick: "Hack it! Hack it, I tell you!" as long, thick tufts fall to the ground. You walk outta there with a BUTCH ugly as hell, but the cool breeze on the back of your neck...AHHHHHH
by Danielle June 16, 2004
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noun: a gay man who looks and acts overly masculine

adj.: the get up a gay man wears when he wants to appear masculine that usually incorporates laced up work boots, tight Levi's 501's, a tank top and a black leather jacket
1. Tod: I wanted to get plowed so I picked up this hot man at the circuit party last night.
Ted: Did he poke you?
Tod: Yes honey and he was sooo butch. I loved it.
Ted: Lucky you.

2. Ted: Look at HER! Who does she think she is in that get up?
Tod: Yeah! Who's she tryin' to fool? What a mess!
Ted: Is that supposed to look butch?
Tod: I don't know but he could plow my hole anytime.
by Nedd Ludd September 17, 2005
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