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Visayan slang for the word Methapetamine Hydrochloride, also locally known as SHABU, a highly addictive illegal drug that allows the brain to works so fast, usually sold in packets ranging from 100 peso to thousands, popularly called in the US as METHS.
Manuyop ta! naa ko'y BUTANG
Meaning: Let's snort, I have Meths.
by brando_bandido January 30, 2007
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noun, adjective.
To describe a sandwich or the making of a sandwich. derived from the regional slang word "butty".
"i'm going to make a butang", "i have butang material"
by drynharsh April 11, 2009
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Someone youโ€™re romantically involved with whom youโ€™re very proud of achieving, bubbly stage of being in love.
โ€œHey brother, check out me new butang!โ€
by tomnicole June 02, 2019
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