...A Game Theory! Thanks for watching!
Consider your childhood ruined, and remember...
But that's just a theory! A Game Theory! Thanks for watching!
by Hobox April 19, 2018
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Personally I think Ness is Sans.
But hey, that's just a theory, a game theory!
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A phrase often used by science deniers, usually against the scientific theory of evolution. It implies that a "theory" is just an unproven "guess", therefore evolution is an unproved lie. This stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of the word "theory" in the context of science.

In colloquial use, a 'theory' may mean a "guess", but in Science, a 'theory' is defined as "a well-substantiated explanation of an aspect of the natural world." Therefore the phrase "Evolution is just a theory" makes no sense.
A: Evolution is just a theory!
B: Yes, it is. It's a scientific theory that is supported by the best available evidence. Cell theory is a theory too, do you deny that we are made of cells? And gravity is a theory too, do you jump off of bridges?
by ben-mactavish August 16, 2022
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A pathetic tactic employed by creationists who strive at reminding us the obvious.
Evolutionary biologist: "Observation indicates that we evolved from lower organisms..."

Creationist: "This is just a theory."

Evolutionary biologist: "Of course it's just a theory. Am I expected to be omniscient?"
by Arjer September 9, 2007
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The Trou Just War Theory (TJWT) is a theory developed by theologians at West Point, NY. A Just War under the TJWT is one whereby a male cadet "slays" a trou just to be doing it. However, an unjust war is when male cadet is romancing (also known as tromancing) a trou. A Just War must also meet the Jus Ad Bellum requirements of:

Just cause: The male had no other vagina around he could use.

Last Resort: The male should never go for trou first.

CDT Cow With No Standards is currently involved in an unjust war under the Trou Just War Theory.
by Old Grad April 24, 2009
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Most commonly used by MatPat, owner of the Game, Food, Film and Style Theory channels.

Used at the end of videos to remind people that he is just making theories and might not correct.
*MatPat finishes talking about his Theory* But that's just a theory, a Game Theory!
by BlazingBeast September 23, 2023
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