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When a person becomes "in love" with a trou. Little does the person know that the "love" experienced is actually just because they are sexually repressed.
Damn troumance . . . it got to John again.
by Old Grad April 24, 2009
The Trou Just War Theory (TJWT) is a theory developed by theologians at West Point, NY. A Just War under the TJWT is one whereby a male cadet "slays" a trou just to be doing it. However, an unjust war is when male cadet is romancing (also known as tromancing) a trou. A Just War must also meet the Jus Ad Bellum requirements of:

Just cause: The male had no other vagina around he could use.

Last Resort: The male should never go for trou first.

CDT Cow With No Standards is currently involved in an unjust war under the Trou Just War Theory.
by Old Grad April 24, 2009