A person who constantly gossips and talks bad about people and spreads rumors about them in order to cause problems and conflict.
That Busybody spreads rumers like it is her profession.

She is the neighborhood busybody.
by josh1983 August 11, 2008
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Verb - To busybody. Busybodying refers to the cumulative actions and behaviours of a person who wishes to involve themselves unnecessarily in the affairs of others.
Someone who busybodies can often use this as a way of making themselves artificially busy, or making themselves appear more popular and in demand than is in fact the case.
Someone busybodying will often appear psyched and flustered by other people's lives despite there being no obvious cause for their excitement.
Whilst most of these people feel the need to busybody due to something lacking in their own lives, occasionally their motives can be to manipulate or gain control over an 'empire'.
The government has been accused of political busybodying by Germany's Minister of Foreign Affairs.
by Kao Freud December 30, 2005
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A busybody is that bitch who likes to talk shit about you behind your back and tell people how fucked up your relationship is when she is a hypocrite.
Sydney acted like a busybody and told Jasmine that Rene didn't got to class and that it 's his girlfriends fault. Jasmine told his girlfriend to stop dating Rene; his girlfriend punched Sydney and Jasmine in the face.
by BitchThatTakeNoShit November 09, 2015
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An annoying stupid person (usually obese and arrogant) that gets under your finger nails and attempts to control you when they have no actual authority over you.
"Wow, there goes Cheri again, attempting to be other children's mother and interfering with other people's decisions. It's too bad she can't leave others alone and stop denying reality."
by Ed Gein July 06, 2005
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A dumbass who has too much tim on their hands. They use this time to annoy, monitor, and try controlling others. AltarCrystal is a prime example of this.
Oh look at that, there goes AltarCrystal being a busybody faggot once again. Why doesn't he ever mind his fucking business? People like him should be killed.
by JAGF February 04, 2004
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