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the word within Led Zepplin's vocabulary. it has no particular meaning...but we all know it as something that is apparently in our "hedgrow" and we are to not be alarmed by it. but that's what alarms us...the fact that it has no particular meaning...and we are supposed to not fear it. (stairway to heaven played backwards is a demonic message by the way...)
"...if theres a bussel in your hedgrow, dont be alarmed now. its just a spring clean for the may queen. if there are two paths go by, but in the long run, theres still time to change the road your on..."
by lexi whalen February 06, 2005
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the butt muscles of a horse

butt + muscles = bussels
Look at the BUSSELS on that stallion!
by Ray & Jaci October 25, 2007
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