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To pick-up and literally have sex on a bus.

Originating from an incident involving several high school students in Calgary, who are now banned from Calgary transit.
Look at that hot chick that just got on the bus, I'm going to buse her!
by Distrust February 06, 2003
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The great Gary Busey is a testament to the incredible amount of complete ownage one may recieve in a certain event. For this reason, when such events happen that a timid taunt of "ownage" is just not enough, the victim in question has now fallen victim to a "buse".
Other uses of the word as follows:

"I was bused by Jann Lee. "

"Joe hasn't recoved from the last buseing."

"The moose is about to buse!"

"The guy just cut you off! What a piece of buse!"

Sometimes the word buse, and it's brother terms, take the place of pretty much every noun, or verb.

"I'm going to buse over to the buse, and buse me up some buse."

"After i finish with this buse, i'm going to buse over."

It can also be used to substitue names:

"Joe Buselings"

by Joe Rawlings February 23, 2006
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